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What Others Say

“The only thing wrong with the massage is that it has to end. Even the hour-and-a-half goes way too fast. I have suffered from neck pain and had trouble sleeping for years, (but) since my last three sessions, I feel a hundred percent better.” – Kathy K.

“I appreciate Dave’s wealth of knowledge in knowing what needs to be worked out, magic hands to complete that and suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.” – Trish H.

“The cranial-sacral massage is helping so much with my sensitivity to noise, as well as alleviating some of the issues I have with the herniated disc in my low back. I’m absolutely thrilled to have found someone who is able to provide the service and help me feel better!” – Genny A.

“This is the best massage I have ever had especially for the cost!! David was more than patient, courteous, made sure he was applying the right amount of pressure. I have to say I was skeptical going to a man therapist but I will most definitely go back.” – Marilyn F.

“Dave has an amazing ability to untangle even the toughest tangle of muscle, leaving me relaxed and wishing it would never end. His cranial-sacral therapy gets my “chi” back in line!” – Ben P.

“Dave does a wonderful job. I have had two back surgeries in the last year and have been dealing with chronic pain that limited my activity until I starting getting a massage once a week. My pain level is now very low and I have been able to return to normal physical activity!” – Jen C.

“For years I have had lower back pain due to an accident. I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, pain meds you name it but nothing lasted. I went to see Dave and after about three treatments every other week I felt so much better. Didn’t need the meds anymore and now I see Dave about once a month. Dave also works wonders on migraines!” – Janelle S.

“I have back pain as well as nerve damage due to a previous back injury. This was a great way to relieve pain and help relax muscle tension. I highly recommend giving it a try!” – Drew S.

“David is the best massage therapist I have found since 1994. All of my stress and tension settles from my diaphragm up to my neck and my leg muscles get knotted. David works out all of the kinks. I make a point to go every 2 weeks. I highly recommend him to anyone!!!” – Teresa S.

“Dave is the best I’ve ever been to for working out deep pain and toxins! I always feel so much better after.” – Pam B.

“Dave gives a great massage. I feel so much better after a visit with him. Nobody else seems to get all the knots out.” – Krystal S.

“I had my first massage at One Body Massage Therapy yesterday and it was AMAZING! I felt so much better afterwards–mentally as well as physically. It was a two hour massage too, which I had never had before. I highly recommend this place!” – Amy K.
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